„We are able to create and manufacture cosmetics packaging in a new and sustainable way.”


Weckerle Packaging is a global leader in developing and producing conscious and responsible packaging for cosmetics and beauty brands. Our aim is to provide affordable and innovative packaging without compromising quality and safety – while exploring more sustainable sources.

55+ years of innovation

Our history begins in 1965 when Peter Weckerle founded his first company. Today, the Weckerle Group consists of three business divisions: Machines, Packaging and Cosmetics. Together they represent the complete vertical integration of all steps in the creation of colour cosmetics. This in-depth product and market knowledge allows us to lead the industry with innovation. The Weckerle Packaging Business Unit is headquartered in the Swiss Jura in the UNESCO world heritage watchmaker town of Le Locle – world-renowned for its expertise in micro technique and precision.

Weckerle Packaging looks back at 20+ years experience in Switzerland with a highly experienced team of experts in primary packaging development and manufacturing and product developers, engineers, chemists, plus an operations department to ensure a flawless service.

We make ambitious strides towards advancing our commitments as a sustainable company – starting with the packaging design oriented towards circular economy.


What makes Weckerle Packaging a reliable partner?

At Weckerle Packaging, we follow clear principles and values, that give stability to our community, build strong customer relationships and prepare our brand for the future. Our four main values are responsibility, trust, courage and pioneer spirit. These values are the cement of our character:


Everyone, without exception, bears full responsibility at every level for their actions and doings.


We believe that to improve customer experience, we must start with employees and overall company culture. Transparency creates trust and starts from within. Our goal is greatest possible transparency; It is the basis for mutual trust.


Those who stand for change need courage to think things completely new and completely different. We have the courage to question everything and give completely new and surprising answers.

Pioneering Spirit

We are always breaking new ground. We feel comfortable there, because this is our natural environment. We put a great deal of effort into research &development to develop products that will enable you to raise the standard of your products.

Founded 1998

Located in Le Locle, Switzerland

Around 50 fixed employees


Injection machines


Assembly lines


weeks lead time


Hot stamping


Silk screen



120 Mio

Installed capacity/year

Our services

Weckerle Packaging is a total solution provider. We can help you every step of the way, from concept development to post-production support. Our knowledge and experience as well as the unconditional support of our two other divisions, cosmetics and machines, enable us to identify your needs and propose the most appropriate solution.

Color matching

Injection molding

Silicon rubber injection molding

Silk screening, Hot stamping, Heat transfer, Metallization and varnish


Packaging innovation & customization

Sustainable development

Quality control & logistics

Our products


Our liners are airtight, shock-resistant with low and high locking positions to ensure that they will reach you and your customers in the very best condition. Available in various shapes, diameters, POM free and sustainable solutions.

Lipsticks & Sticks

Lipstick is and will continue to be the key element in our daily make-up. Between color, texture to protection he is always present. At Weckerle we offer a wide range of solutions. From airtight lipsticks for maximum formula protection, guided mechanisms to various shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide variety of finishes and decoration techniques.


In answer to the restrictions imposed by the sanitary crisis of COVID19, Weckerle Packaging has created new tester concepts for individual and single use – whilst strictly following the pillars of a sustainable development.

Silicon rubber molds

There is much more than just customized packaging – why not make your product unique and exclusive by tailoring the product itself? From different finishes, effects, designs to engraved logos.

Sustainable packaging

Single material packaging, Pom Free, Post-consumer recycled, bio-based and biodegradable materials are just some of the solutions we offer our clients in order to meet consumer demand of sustainable packaging.

Customized products

Packaging is a crucial and highly valued element for the consumer when choosing their favorite cosmetic. Therefore we have a creative and innovative team to help you make your ideas come true: From creation of the idea, development of the specifications, design and modeling to realization of the prototype.

Our sustainable approach

At weckerle packaging we make sustainability a guiding principle at all levels of operations and core part of our strategic thinking. We believe that our future relies on our ability to design and develop packaging that is functional, safe and above all sustainable. To this end, we have created a working team in 2017 focused on the definition and development of our sustainability strategy and its different pillars. Our sustainability strategy is based on three core Pillars which embraces our mission, values and aims:



  • Employee health and Safety
  • Diversity, training and equal opportunity
  • Responsible and local sourcing
  • Community insertion and engagement


  • Product traceability, compliance and safety
  • Processes optimization and adaptation
  • Excellent quality management
  • Waste Generation and treatment
  • Water consumption
  • Energy use and GHG emissions

Product development

  • Packaging design and Resource use
  • Single Material Packaging
  • Packaging Climate Impact (LCA)
  • Packaging Renewability
  • Packaging recycling

As packaging manufacturer, we are convinced that we can make difference starting from designing for a circular economy; adapting therefore all new developments and adjusting as much as possible the existing formats.



design for circular economy strategy


Recycled materials

Zero industrial waste

Biobased and biodegradable materials

Recycle friendly finishes & colors

Lightweight design

Refillable design

Optimized logistics

Life cycle assessment

Events & News

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.

It was a very successful event and we really enjoyed meeting you and showing you our different products.

We hope you had a great time meeting us and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tomorrow’s packaging: Weckerle Monomaterial packaging

With the growing interest and concern of consumers to buy sustainable products with less environmental impact, the need to reduce the use of virgin raw materials is also on the rise. In fact, sustainability and recycling are a perfect combination. However, the success of recycling does not depend solely on recycling companies, separate collection schemes or the development of compatible technology and equipment for recycling routes. We are all responsible and have a crucial role to play.

Weckerle in 2020: greener packs & new-generation filling lines

Despite a drop in turnover resulting from the current health crisis, German contract manufacturer Weckerle has a number of investments in the pipeline: MS3, its new filling line, packaging innovations Myconic, the supplier’s first 100% recycled cosmetics pen and Click n’Break, its lipstick sampling solution. A press conference last week gave the lowdown on the latest …


MYCONIC Lipstick

Sustainable Change: Making It Happen :) Changing the way of conception: 100% Monomaterial PET, 100% Gateless, up to 100% PET PCR content, Recycling Ready, Ideal For take back Programs

Click’n Break by Weckerle Cosmetics

Samples play an essential role in color cosmetics. Today, there are lots of AR solutions which are a good alternative. Nevertheless, sensorial experience is a key factor in beauty purchase decisions. Touching, smelling and feeling the product is decisive! In current times contact free, single use testers are more important than ever.

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